Covid-19 Update

We hope all our customers are staying healthy and safe. We will all have challenges ahead of us and we are looking forward to the end of this pandemic and

brighter days to come.

During these times of uncertainty, we would like to reassure our customers that we will be here ready to serve. We are taking every precaution necessary to help prevent the spread of this virus as our crews are wearing appropriate gear for protection and taking steps to keep everything sanitized as we continue to work.

Some changes we have implemented in addition to wearing protective gear include distancing ourselves from customers as much as possible and limiting the number of persons in all work environments. We hope you will continue to help us keep you and our crews safe by letting us know if you are sick or a high-risk for the virus so that we can be prepared properly at the site.

Now is a great time to complete those outside projects as warmer days have arrived and we are enjoying a beautiful spring. As our family has been staying home a lot when we are not at work, we have completed several projects around our home that always seem to get put off and never complete.

Our garden is ready for planting-I even got a greenhouse this year! and we are putting the finishing touches on our new fire pit area complete with a dry creek bed for yard drainage.

We have already enjoyed several wonderful evenings by the fire and realized that we needed additional lighting in that area. After scouring Pinterest, I came across several lighting ideas for our fire pit area and we hope to complete that this week.

Lighting is a great way to enjoy backyard time and really adds to the usability and overall experience of your yard. Let us know if we can help you add additional lighting to your yard.

Stay safe and Healthy!


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